We're not kidding when we say hand-crafted. The ingredients for our cooking sauce are sourced from local farmers, processors, and suppliers in the Mesilla Valley of Southern New Mexico (the small town of La Mesilla has quite a history which you can read about on the New Mexico historic marker pictured below). The ingredients are combined in a 40-gallon kettle and blended by hand to the correct consistency. The batch is heated to 185 degrees for 15 minutes and the pH of the sauce is monitored. The sauce is then sampled for the correct texture, flavor, and heat level.


  If everything is right,  16-ounce jars are hand-filled and the lid is applied. Next the jars are labeled using a hand operated label applicator. Our 40-gallon kettle yields about 300, 16-ounce jars of cooking sauce or about 25 cases. Most, if not all food processors would consider this a very small batch, or as we like to say, "Micro-Crafted".

  We feel that we are able to achieve a distinct flavor not available with traditional long run manufacturing and processing.





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